Holly Ann Lewis


Holly Ann Lewis - Singer-Songwriter

Holly Ann Lewis has been singing and performing professionally for 25 years. Her music is a mix of folk, americana, rock and jazz. Before moving back home to California 6 years ago, Holly lived in Seattle for 16 years. There she played gigs and recorded her music. She was involved in many different music projects, including a nation-wide release of a documentary about Barack Obama called, "The Man and his journey". Holly recorded and performed with Matt Cameron of “Pearl Jam” and Scott Mercado of “Candlebox”, while recording albums and demos with The Bergevin Brothers.  Holly also recorded a few albums with "OBA" the band, and recorded with, "Bruce Langhorne"  AKA Bob Dylan's "The Tambourine Man".  Making her way in the Seattle scene she is now back in her home state of California, living in the high desert mountains of California Valley.  Holly released her  3rd solo album, “Miles Around” in 2016, and currently plays live shows on the Central Coast at wineries, bars,  festivals and private events. 

 Born and raised in San Jose, CA there wasn't a time that music was not in her daily routine. She recorded her first CD at age 15 with Bay Area band, “African Rain”; featuring, Grammy Award Winner, Babatunde Olatunji. They played at The Fillmore West, the Catalyst, the Palace of the Fine Arts and many more venues in California. After 5 years with African Rain, she decided to go her own way.  During this time she formed her own band, “Mr. Herb”. In 1995 they opened up for and played with, “The Doors” very own “Robby Krieger”, at “JJ Blues”, in San Jose, CA. Holly recorded her  first solo album  “You Will Fly” in 1996. Soon after she was playing shows in Chicago and New York, traveling and performing as much as she could. Holly ended up moving to Seattle and resided there until 2011.