A Difference

Holly Ann Lewis


Holly Ann Lewis: Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar

Darrel Voss: Drums

Ken Hustad: Upright Bass

Brynn Albanese: Violin



A Difference

Words and Music Written By:

Holly Ann Lewis



Verse 1

Looking out my apartment window

I’ve got iron bars up and down

I know there’s a war outside

But it ain’t making no sound

TV’s on the news station 

They’re showing live coverage

Of the death in Iraq

Well I’m just wondering when

They’ll get their country back



But it don’t’ make a difference               

Cause nothing seems to change anyhow

So we do what we can

And hope

That it all works out


Verse 2

Outside the cars are passing by

As fast as they can 

Everyone’s going somewhere


Everyone’s got a plan

Me I’ll just write my songs

Sing about the life that I live

And maybe someday

There’s more that I can give


Cause I wanna make a difference

Cause something’s got to change somehow

So I’ll do what I can

And hope that it all works out




Come and save us

Oh love

Come and save us


Come and save us


Looking out my apartment window

I’ve got

Iron bars up and down