Holly Ann Lewis


Holly Ann Lewis: Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar

Darrel Voss: Drums

Ken Hustad: Upright Bass

Ted Waterhouse: Acoustic Bottleneck Guitar





©2016 Holly Ann Lewis

Verse 1

It’s been a long time since you smiled

It’s like we’ve been apart for years

Sharing this space

Our daily race

I can’t seem to cry those tears


And I’ don’t think we imagined our lives

Ending up this way

I count my blessings and pray for grace

Just about every day



Cause it’s simple

So simple baby

And it’s simple yeah

So simple baby


Verse 2

And I wish that you would talk to me

Like the first time but even better

But the truth is that we hardly speak

It’s come down to writing letter



And I know you’ve got a lot to say

You’re just keeping it to yourself

But I’m all done with nick knacks

So you can

Sit up on that shelf



Cause it’s simple

So simple baby

And it’s simple yeah

So simple baby




And I’ve spent so much time

Chasing after rainbows

And I believe we’ve crossed that line

And only heaven knows

Where it goes


Verse 3

Now that I’ve said my peace

Are you gonna say yours too?

Cause I can’t read you mind now honey

Those words can only be said

By you


Back to Chorus


So simple baby

So simple baby

So simple baby


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"Miles Around" is available online at CD Baby. If you are in San Luis Obispo, you can pick up a copy at Boo Boo Records and Captain Nemos. Follow the link in the STORE to buy/download.

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