By The Window


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I wrote a song called, "By The Window." I made a video of all the photos my dad and I took during our visits and put it to my song. This video caught the attention of CAHNR (California Advocates For Nursing Home Reform), and they asked if they could use my song for the same purpose. Below is a link to a beautiful video that was made with my song and other families who went through the same experience. Visitation Saves Lives, is a non-profit organization that advocated for rights to visitation and care for people in care facilities and long term care. 

By The Window

At Quail park at morrison ranch

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to share my song, " By the Window," with other long-term care facilities. Quail Park at Morrison Ranch (in California), asked if they could use my song to make their own video of families visiting their loved ones by the window. It touches my heart to look back at these videos and remember everything we did to support those who were isolated from their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the link below to watch their video.

Nursing Home Visitation

KSBY features holly advocating for nursing home visitation

This was my first time taking action in my state, after several months of window visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. My father and I spent several hours a week visiting my mom at her facility. We were  grateful for the space and access we had, and in addition to the window visits, we were able to Facetime her several times a day. I am very thankful that my local news station supported this cause and helped us get the message out. 

KSBY Features our story

Mom's 80th b-day

On my mothers 80th birthday in 2021 (also National Women's Day), the CDPH and CMS, changed the visitation guidelines for long term care residents and facilities. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, families were able to access their loved ones in the quarantined areas of a facility. Also more than one person at a time could enter. This was only allowed to those who were fully vaccinated, but since we were, it worked out nicely and we could spend some time with my mom on her 80th birthday. Local San Luis Obispo news station KSBY, was there to capture the very special and exciting occasion.