Upcoming EP & shows!

Hello all! I've decided to start a blog. I will be writing short entries about what I'm up to and how things are going. I hope you like it! Currently I am back in school pursuing my BA in elementary school teaching, and working on my first solo EP. I have been in the studio recording a collection of baritone ukelele tunes, at Laurel Lane studios, with Damon Castillo. The baritone ukelele has helped me discover a corky-fun side of songwriting, I like to say it brings out the John Prime in me, LOL! I'm excited to share new music with you and honor my creative process. We have been getting a ton of rain in California, and even though it's been challenging, I'm grateful for it. Living in the country, we have been able to see the dry creek beds and streams run with crystal clear water, and it's just amazing! I expect to see flurry of wildflowers out here in the high desert and will try to post some photos here in my blog! I have a few shows coming up, check out my “shows” tab for details! 

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