Holly Ann Lewis - Singer-Songwriter

Holly Ann Lewis is a powerful and emotional performer, with a euphonious voice, energetic stage presence, dynamic guitar style, and songs that speak about hope, love, and life. She comes from a musical family and is originally from San Jose, California. She is an award-winning songwriter (NTMA 2022) and performer, seasoned vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and a dynamic guitar player. Her music is a combination of Americana, Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Rock. She started singing and playing guitar at an early age and recorded her first album at age 15 in a band called African Rain, with Grammy Award winner, Babatunde Olatunji (1927-2003) and world-famous Chapman Stick player, Bob Culbertson.  She released her first full-length album You Will Fly at 21 years old which included songs she wrote from ages 15-21. After releasing her first album, Holly went on to pursue her solo music career, traveling the country, and ended up moving to Seattle in 1997.  In Seattle, she performed, recorded her music, and was involved in other projects with musicians from all over the world. Holly is currently living in the Carrizo Plains, a high desert valley in Eastern San Luis Obispo County, CA. She released her last full-length album Miles Around in 2016, and it featured all her original works. 

Holly has recorded, shared the stage, and performed with Grammy award-winning artists such as Babatunde Olatunji, Robby Krieger (The Doors), Matt Cameron (drummer for Pearl Jam & Soundgarden), Mickey Hart (The Grateful Dead) Bruce Langhorne (Tambourine Man) and Scott Mercado (drummer from Candlebox.) In 2008 she was asked to join a group of musicians in Seattle (Bergevin Brothers, gospel singer Pat Wright) to record a music video I Am an American, in support of Barack Obama’s campaign. The music video received national attention and ended up going all the way to the White House. In Holly’s music career, she has independently released two full-length albums and two singles of her original works. Holly is currently recording songs for her upcoming baritone ukelele EP that will feature all original baritone ukulele songs.





 Venues Holly has performed at:

 "The Fillmore" (west) with "African Rain"- June 17, 1994, opened for "Zap Mama", 

"The Palace of the Fine Arts"- "Bob Culbertson, Babatunde Olatunji &African Rain," with special guest, "Mickey Hart."

"The Great American Music Hall" San Francisco, CA with African Rain

"Candlestick Park"- 1995- I sang the Canadian national anthem for the Giants vs. Montreal 

Santa Cruz, "The Catalyst"- African Rain & Babatunde Olatunji

New York, "Sounds of Brazil" 1996- Opened for Babatunde Olatunji and his Drums of Passion. 

 locally on the Central Coast of California:

Puffers of Pismo, Linnaea's Cafe, Sculpterra Winery, D'Anbino Wine Cellar, Asuncion Ridge Winery, Morro Bay Wine Seller, Stolo Family Vineyards, Steynberg Gallery, Live Oak Music Festival, Ernest Henmigway Vineyards, The PAC SLO, Sensorio Field of Lights, The Siren Morro Bay w/ "Lewis & Rose", BarrelHouse Brewing in Paso Robles, w/ "Lewis & Rose"


Some of the artists Holly has played with over the years......


Grandmaster Drummer, "Babatunde Olatunji and Drums of Passion" (recorded and performed with)

"Grateful Dead" drummer, Mickey Hart (Performed at San Francisco's, "The Palace of The Fine Arts" with Babatunde Olatunji & African Rain record release 1992)

"Pearl Jam" drummer, Matt Cameron (recorded and performed with Seattle WA 2008/2009)

"Candlebox" drummer, Scott Mercado, (recorded and performed within Seattle, WA 2008)

"The Doors", Robby Krieger (Holly's band, "Mr., Herb" Opened for and performed "Roadhouse Blues" on stage at "JJ Blues" in downtown San Jose, CA 1995

Pat Wright and the Total Experience Gospel Choir (Recorded and performed within Seattle)

Bruce Langhorne, (AKA) "The Tambourine Man", (Recorded and performed with)

"Drums of Passion"/"OBA the Band", Gordy Ryan (Recorded and performed with)

Bergevin Brothers Music (Recorded and performed with) 






Upcoming Shows


Holly's new single, "Wake Up," is about to get a release date is set to release world-wide on January 14, 2022!!!

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