Holly Ann Lewis


I have been singing, playing the guitar, and writing my own music since I was a child. My music is a blend of Americana, Rock, Blues, and Jazz. My professional career started at 15 years old when I joined the world-beat band, "African Rain." African Rain was led by  legendary "Chapman Stick" players, "Bob Culbertson," and "Jim Bruno." Shortly after the band formed, Grandmaster Drummer & Grammy Award Winner,  "Babatunde Olatunji," joined our band, and together, we recorded and released our first and only album called, "New World Dance."

I performed with African Rain from the age of 15-21 years old. During that time, we played at many venues and festivals in California. We had the best time! We learned to sing in different languages, play the African drums, dance to traditional African songs, and stand for unity. After about 6 years, many African Rain members went on to pursue other projects, but many remain close to this day. I pursued my solo career, and also formed a band called, "Mr. Herb." We played together for over a year. Our biggest achievement was opening for and sharing the stage with legendary, Robby Krieger, guitarist for "The Doors, " at "JJ Blues, downtown San Jose, CA. 
   In 1995 I recorded and released my first full-length album titled, "You Will Fly." Shortly after my first album was released, I moved to Illinois for a short time. There I dug into the blues scene in Chicago, and traveled to N.Y. to visit Babatunde. In 1997 I moved to Seattle to help a friend, and ended up staying for 15 years. There I performed, recorded, and pursued my music career and was involved in many different recording projects. I also met my husband and became a mom. We moved back to my home state of California In 2012, and I released my 2nd full- length album, "Miles Around," in 2016.

Currently, I am performing on California's Central Coast as a solo artist and with my duo, "Lewis & Rose." I released my first single, "Wake Up" in January 2022! I am in the studio recording songs for my upcoming EP, to be released in 2023. 


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